Treating Surgical Scars

Scar on human skin keloid on hand. Plastic surgery certainly has some amazing benefits to offer. For example, it can help you achieve goals that might otherwise be impossible through non-surgical means. However, it also comes with a few drawbacks, such as a high price tag, days to weeks of downtime, and yes, surgical scars. Fortunately, it’s possible to improve the look of surgical scars, especially if you act right away.

When to Start Professional Scar Treatments

At Miami Skin & Vein, we can help fade all types of surgical scars. Recently, we have been treating facelift, tummy tuck, breast lift, and other cosmetic surgery scars for satisfied patients.

Top cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Shaun Patel has one piece of advice for patients who want to get the best results from in-office surgical scar treatments: The sooner you start, the better. The ideal time to pursue professional surgical scar correction is as soon as your sutures come out.

You may think that you should leave red and enlarged scars alone. However, these are actually signs of highly-treatable scars. They are the easiest to work on and often respond very well.

If you see visible redness and pigmentation in your surgical scars, those are also good signs. We have several different ways to fade that pigmentation and even out your skin tone.

Smooth and white scars are the most difficult to treat, but that doesn’t mean good progress can’t be made. Although the mark is old, our safe and effective treatments are still worth pursuing.

Non-Surgical Scar Treatment Options

We offer a wide range of non-surgical treatment options for surgical scars, including:

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Dr. Patel is a skilled cosmetic dermatologist and world-class injector. He will gladly create a personalized treatment plan to help fade your unwanted surgical scars. Call 786-618-5039 to schedule a consultation. Miami Skin & Vein serves Miami, Coral Gables, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and nearby areas of Florida.




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