Does BOTOX® Make Bunny Lines Worse?

Sexy carefree woman lies on bed  is a top way to banish unwanted lines and wrinkles. So it might be surprising to learn that BOTOX can actually make some facial lines look worse. For example, bunny lines — the diagonal marks that appear on both sides of your nose when you scrunch it — often become more noticeable after BOTOX if the injector doesn’t use the right technique.

What Are Bunny Lines?

Bunny lines get their name from the way that bunnies crinkle their noses. You can look for these fine lines on either side of your nose when you wrinkle it. They can also appear when you frown.

Some people develop these lines due to natural aging and repeated facial expressions. However, other people have them because their muscles are overcompensating for a lack of movement in the surrounding areas. This can happen with BOTOX and Dysport® injections.

Preventing Bunny Lines During a BOTOX Session

An experienced injector knows how to prevent bunny lines during a BOTOX or Dysport appointment. It’s quite simple. They will properly evaluate your face prior to treatment to look for any existing lines on the sides of your nose caused by the contraction of your nasalis muscle.

If these lines are present, your nasalis muscle needs to be treated when you request vertical and horizontal frown line injections. Otherwise, your nasalis muscle will work harder and worsen the appearance of your bunny lines. If that happens, you may feel dissatisfied with your results.

Follow-up injections can usually remedy this situation. However, you deserve to enjoy a good outcome from the beginning. That’s why it’s essential to visit a qualified injector for BOTOX.

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