4 Signs You’re a Good Candidate for Kybella®

Do you have some extra fullness below your chin that you’d like to reduce? An injectable treatment called Kybella® could be the perfect way to shape and slim your lower face. It uses a synthetic version of a molecule (deoxycholic acid) in our bodies that aids in the breakdown and absorption of fat.

In this blog, we go over four common signs that you’re a good candidate for this popular fat-fighter. We also suggest some additional treatments that might be needed to achieve your desired results.

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1. You Have Good Skin Elasticity

Take a moment to pinch the area right under your chin. Did your skin spring back into place when you let go? If so, that means you probably have good skin elasticity. It also means that your fullness is caused by the very same excess fat that Kybella was designed to address!

If your skin held its shape for a moment, you might be dealing with loose skin. That can complicate things. If you get rid of the excess fat in that area, your skin may sag even more. This is a situation where you might be able to achieve better results with a laser skin treatment. And in the case of very droopy skin, neck lift surgery is something that could be worthwhile.

2. You Want To Contour Your Lower Face

Kybella works really well on small pockets of fat. It effortlessly eliminates them for a more contoured and defined lower face. Large pockets of fat, however, are another story.

If you have a significant amount of fat beneath your chin, liposuction could be a better fit. Keep in mind that, when treating large pockets of fat, Kybella is not necessarily cheaper than liposuction, nor does it come with less downtime. Consider if you are open to surgery.

3. Diet And Exercise Haven’t Worked

Many people wrongly associate submental fullness with weight gain. You don’t have to be overweight to have a double chin. Factors such as genetics and aging can also cause this stubborn condition.

In these cases, diet and exercise may not be able to help. If you’ve tried everything to get rid of your double chin, it’s time to try Kybella. It will reward you with visible and flattering results.

4. You’re Looking For Long-Lasting Results

Facial exercises, high-tech massage tools, and fancy serums can only do so much. They won’t offer the significant or long-term benefits that you want.

Kybella is different. It permanently removes treated fat cells. In other words, you shouldn’t need more injections once you’ve achieved your desired results. Talk about a worthwhile investment!

Additional Treatments To Consider

As mentioned above, Kybella is designed to eliminate small pockets of excess fat below your chin. However, that one change might not be enough to achieve all of your cosmetic goals.

For example, if you also have a weak or recessed chin, then you might be interested in adding dermal fillers to your treatment plan. When paired with Kybella, fillers can increase your chin projection and dramatically enhance the way that your lower face looks when viewed from the side. Jawline fillers are another great option. They can define the border between your face and your neck. The result is a stronger jawline that makes the area beneath your chin look slimmer.

Discover the Best Way To Enhance Your Appearance

A consultation is the easiest way to find out if you would benefit from Kybella®. It’s also the perfect opportunity to build a comprehensive treatment plan that can bring all of your aesthetic dreams to life. Call 786-618-5039 to arrange your initial visit to Miami Skin & Vein. We proudly serve Miami, Coral Gables, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and nearby areas of Florida.




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