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Dr. Shaun Patel at Miami Skin and Vein realizes that you are constantly being bombarded with television shows, magazines and celebrities promoting the “newest” cosmetic beauty procedure or cosmeceutical. It’s often difficult to sift through all of this material and decide what is the safe and effective treatment for your particular skin or vein concern. This guide can help you simplify your search to match a treatment option to your condition.

Remember, your initial visit to our Coral Gables cosmetic dermatology clinic includes a consultation with one of our highly trained physicians. During the consultation, the doctor will ask you about your goals with regards to a particular treatment, take photographs of your face and skin, address any skin or vein issues, educate you on the ability and efficacy of available treatment options, and take the time to answer all of your questions and address any concerns. Our physicians will recommend a customized treatment plan designed to target your particular skin or vein condition, and they will only recommend the latest and safest in cosmetic dermatology, aesthetics and vein technology.

For more informaiton on available treatments or to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Patel, call 786-618-5039 or email our clinic today.

Condition: Double Chin

Treatment optionKybella injections for double chin elimination. This treatment dissolves fat under the chin, also called submental fat, to give you a non-surgical neck lift and double chin elimination.

Condition: Wrinkles

Treatment optionBOTOX Cosmetic administered by Allergan Platinum Level Injector Dr. Shaun Patel, Dermal fillers (Juvederm, Voluma, Restylane), or home skincare products to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the crow's feet, frown lines, horizontal forehead lines, bunny lines, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and sagging mouth corners.

Condition: Lack Of Lip Fullness

Treatment: Rejuvenate and enhance lips around the vertical lip lines, smoker's lines, lipstick lines with dermal fillers (Juvederm, Volbella, Restylane Silk), or BOTOX for smoker's lines and lipstick lines.

Condition: Lack Of Cheek Fullness

Treatment: Non-surgical cheek augmentation with VolumaRadiesse, or Sculptra for cheeks to reduce the appearance of volume loss in the cheeks, jowls (sagging cheeks), mid-face volume loss or sunken-in cheeks.

Condition: Sun Damage & Pigmentation

Treatment: Home skincare products and retinoidschemical peelsmicrodermabrasionclinical facial with BOTOX, Clear + Brilliant laser, or microneedling to restore your facial skin's appearance.

Condition: Spider Veins & Varicose Veins

TreatmentSclerotherapy for spider vein removal and varicose vein treatment.

Condition: Acne Scars

TreatmentChemical peelsmicroneedling or dermal fillers to restore the appearance of healthy skin.

Condition: Excessive Sweating

TreatmentBOTOX Cosmetic to stop excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) in the underarms.

Condition: Dull Eyelashes

TreatmentLatisse lash growth serum to promote the growth and volume of eyelashes.

Condition: Rosacea

TreatmentHome skincare products to reduce the appearance of redness in the face.

At Miami Skin & Vein, we want to help you achieve your aesthetic goals and live a life of confidence. To learn more about any of these conditions and treatment options or to schedule your initial consultation with our doctors, call us at 786-618-5039 or email our Coral Gables clinic now.




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