Risk Factors for Varicose Veins

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Woman grasping lower leg | Are you at risk for varicose veins?

Spider and varicose veins are unsightly. They keep you from staying cool in shorts on the golf course, and cause you to wear long pants when you should be enjoying a swim in the pool. Millions of Americans have abnormal veins, and most don’t really understand why.

At Miami Skin and Vein, we believe that you are in the best position to take everyday steps to minimize chances of developing abnormal veins, and to make informed healthcare decisions, when you understand risk factors for venous disease. A number of elements increase your risk for developing venous disease (spider veins and varicose veins).

Some of those dynamics cannot be avoided or altered. However, a few simple lifestyle changes may dramatically reduce others.

What Causes Varicose and Spider Veins?

The most common risk factors for venous disease are:

  • Age – As time passes, valves in the veins begin to deteriorate and vein walls lose elasticity. The circulatory system does not function as efficiently as it does in a younger body.
  • Gender – Venous disease is more common in women (particularly those who are or have been pregnant) than in men. Studies indicate that a woman is more than four times as likely to develop varicose veins as a man. However, be assured that we treat many male patients with vein disease at our Miami (Coral Gables) clinic.
  • Heredity – Vein health is a trait, just like the color of your eyes or hair. Inherited genetic mechanisms, including enzymes that control metabolism, impact your susceptibility to venous disease. A predisposition for abnormal veins can be passed on, from generation to generation.
  • Weight – Obesity increases pressure in veins, triggering venous disease. Individuals who are overweight may not be physically active, which is necessary to keep blood flowing normally. In addition, the problem may not be visible, since veins can lie deeper in larger legs.
  • Occupation – Jobs that require sitting or standing for long periods of time can impede normal blood flow, resulting in venous disease.
  • Trauma – A prior injury that caused vascular damage may increase likelihood of developing venous disease.

Sclerotherapy is a safe, effective, and minimally invasive treatment option for spider and varicose veins, regardless of the causes. Schedule an appointment at Miami Skin and Vein by calling 786-618-5039 to learn about effective therapy options.