How Grinding Your Teeth Changes Your Face Shape

bruxism If you wake up with tightness and soreness along the sides of your face or find yourself clenching your jaw when you’re stressed, you might suffer from bruxism, a common condition in which you unconsciously grind and press your teeth together. Not only can it lead to issues like tooth damage and wear, but it can also change the shape of your face. However, did you know that you can use BOTOX® for bruxism? Read on to learn more and see if this treatment is right for you.

Does Bruxism Change the Shape of Your Face?

Bruxism can make your jaw square and change the shape of your face because it slowly enlarges your masseter muscle. This muscle, located near your outer cheek and jawline, becomes visibly bulky when overworked.

Much like you can build muscle mass in your arms and legs with repetitive exercise, the masseter can also grow. However, since bruxism is unintentional, it can be hard to stop. Over time, the muscle gets larger and more prominent, creating a square, undefined jawline.

Can BOTOX Get Rid of Bruxism?

While BOTOX does not permanently “get rid” of bruxism, neurotoxin injections to relax your masseter muscle are a great way to temporarily address the problem, treat a square jaw, and even address pain symptoms. BOTOX and Dysport are both options to prevent the muscle from overworking and help it shrink back down to its normal size. The result is a slimmer and more contoured lower face.

The process involves injecting small amounts of BOTOX into the masseter muscle across multiple sessions. The number of sessions required will vary based on how well the treatment is received. Typically, patients receive a follow-up dose every four months.

Does BOTOX Work for Jaw Clenching?

BOTOX is often a successful treatment for nocturnal bruxism when administered into the masseter muscle. Since BOTOX functions by temporarily relaxing the muscles, it can assist in preventing jaw clenching and grinding.

Does BOTOX for Bruxism Change Face Shape?

Patients who get masseter muscle BOTOX or Dysport tend to look like they have lost weight. That is because their lower face is not as full and prominent as it once was. As an added benefit, they may experience a reduction in pain and other symptoms related to teeth grinding.

Masseter BOTOX, also known as jaw BOTOX, can also help treat asymmetry in the lower face. It works well to even out one side of the masseter that has gotten bulkier than the other. By slimming down the lower face, this treatment often helps the cheekbones look stronger and more sculpted.

How Effective Is BOTOX for Bruxism?

Not only can BOTOX help improve the look of your face, but studies have also found that BOTOX in low doses may help with pain associated with bruxism. Patients injected with 10 MU of BOTOX saw a significant decline in pain from bruxism.

Is BOTOX Good for Teeth Grinding?

Using BOTOX for teeth grinding has many benefits, including:

  • Slimming Your Jaw: It may look as though you lost weight as the BOTOX relaxes the muscle and allows it to get back to a normal size instead of the enlarged size the constant grinding caused.
  • Pain ReductionStudieshave shown that patients had less pain from teeth grinding as time went on. Some noticed the pain subsiding within the first week, while others noticed a significant decrease in pain two to three weeks after the injection.
  • Giving You a Better Night’s Sleep: Because BOTOX freezes the muscles, you most likely won’t grind your teeth at night or when you are stressed. You’ll be able to get more rest since you won’t be grinding your teeth.
  • Reduces Symptoms of TMJ: If your bruxism is part of the cause of TMJ, you will also notice benefits such as a reduction in jaw clicking and an increase in jaw mobility.

How Long Does BOTOX for Teeth Grinding Last?

Masseter BOTOX provides a semi-permanent solution with results typically lasting between 4 to 9 months. The impact of BOTOX is temporary and will gradually revert to its initial state within 4–6 months.

For the best results, it is recommended to schedule follow-up treatments every four to six months.

How Much Is BOTOX to Stop Jaw Clenching?

Typically, the cost of a single jaw BOTOX treatment ranges from $200 to $700. Various factors, such as symptom severity, the type of injections required, and the size of the masseter muscles, play a role in determining the final cost. For more comprehensive treatments, like multiple injections or larger doses, the cost may increase.

Does TMJ Make Your Face Look Different?

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders encompass a range of conditions impacting the jaw joint and the muscles responsible for controlling jaw movement. TMJ disorders may result in a misaligned jaw, leading to an uneven bite and asymmetrical facial features.

Does TMJ Change Your Smile?

Experiencing a TMJ disorder may result in facial changes like a misaligned chin or an uneven smile. A TMJ disorder can also lead to teeth grinding, resulting in tooth wear and difficulty smiling.

How Do I Get Rid of TMJ on My Face?

As with bruxism, you can use BOTOX to help manage the pain caused by TMJ or address cosmetic issues on your face as a result of TMJ. However, BOTOX treatment may include side effects. In some cases, the side effects are mild and worth eradicating the pain from bruxism or TMJ.

What Is the Downside of BOTOX for TMJ?

If you use BOTOX for TMJ, you may experience headaches, a flu-like illness, a respiratory infection, nausea, and/or temporary eyelid droop.

BOTOX can also cause your smile to look “fixed” because it paralyzes the muscles in your face where it’s injected. Other side effects might include pain, muscle weakness, some redness at the injection site, and bruising where your doctor injected your muscles.

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