Why Is BOTOX® Cosmetic Not Working On Me Anymore?

Mature woman looking at her face in a mirror Wrinkles are natural as we age and work our facial muscles almost every second of the day. While there may not be anything we can do about aging, specific treatments, such as BOTOX® Cosmetic, can be done to reduce the appearance of the aging process. But what about when BOTOX is not working on you anymore? Read on to find out why BOTOX may not have the same effect and what alternatives you can do to reduce your wrinkles.

Reasons BOTOX May Not Be Working

  1. Your skin might be better suited for an alternative to BOTOX like Dysport or DAXXIFY. Some people’s skin just doesn’t react as well to BOTOX as it does to alternative options, Dysport and DAXXIFY™. Dr. Patel at Miami Skin & Vein can help determine your best treatment.
  2. The BOTOX Cosmetic injection hasn’t gained its full effect yet. While some patients notice results in 2 days, you may likely have to wait two weeks to see full results.
  3. The proper dose of Botox was not used. Often, underdosing results in undertreatment and incomplete or poor results after Botox injections.
  4. The quality of your skin has changed so now muscle hyperactivity is not the sole cause of the wrinkles. In this case, combining Botox with other treatments like dermal fillers, energy based devices and skincare may optimize your results.
  5. Your provider made an error when giving your injections. While medical mistakes do happen with some providers, Dr. Patel is not one of them. He takes his time with his patients to provide you with the expectations you are looking for.

What to Do When BOTOX® Is No Longer Working

When you feel that BOTOX Cosmetic is no longer working for you, there are alternatives that you can consider, such as Dysport or DAXXIFY.


Like BOTOX Cosmetic, Dysport contains Type A botulinum, the main ingredient that treats wrinkles. Dysport has been proven to be effective in treating the appearance of wrinkles and certain neurological conditions. Dysport works by relaxing the underlying facial muscles to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.


DAXXIFY, another alternative to BOTOX, is a new longer-lasting wrinkle treatment. This FDA-approved treatment option is used to reduce the appearance of frown lines, the vertical lines that are between the eyebrows. These lines are commonly caused by squinting and frowning.

Learn More About BOTOX Alternatives

Call Miami Skin & Vein in Florida at 786-618-5039 to schedule a unique and individual consultation with Dr. Patel to learn how BOTOX Cosmetic alternatives can help you today. Dr. Patel is renowned for his impressive results and is recognized for dedicating ample time to his patients to guarantee that their treatment exceeds their expectations.




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