Treating Smoker’s Lines With Filler

Happy young man looking at camera and smiling. Smoker’s lines are those skinny vertical wrinkles that form between your upper lip and nose. Not only are they very difficult to conceal, but they can also funnel your carefully-applied lipstick away into their crevices. This frustrating trait earned them the nickname lipstick lines. Fortunately, a quick injection of dermal filler will smooth them out, so you can keep using your favorite tube of red. Here’s what you need to know about treating smoker’s lines with filler.

What Causes Smoker’s Lines?

As their name suggests, smoker’s lines are caused — at least in part — by smoking. Smoking speeds up the natural aging process of your skin because it exposes you to harmful chemicals. Smoking also requires you to purse your lips over and over again. However, it’s important to remember that smoking is not the only cause for these lines. Aging of the skin around the mouth can also lead to these lines form as can drinking from straws which engages your lips in a similar repetitive motion that can contribute to these stubborn lines.

What Is the Best Treatment for Smoker’s Lines?

Dermal fillers are a safe and effective treatment for lip lines. Once injected, they add volume beneath the unwanted wrinkles, essentially lifting them up and making them even with your skin. Some products also stimulate the production of collagen and elastin to support lasting results.

Several different types of filler can be used to treat smoker’s lines. Experienced injector Dr. Shaun Patel will help determine the best option for you based on a physical examination and your goals for treatment. Often, he finds that Restylane® Silk is a good match for his patients. It was the first product to receive FDA approval for use specifically on the wrinkles around the lips and for lip augmentation. It contains small hyaluronic acid particles for natural-looking results.

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Dr. Shaun Patel is an experienced injector who can help you address lipstick lines and other cosmetic concerns. He is known for his comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation. That means he knows the best way to use various treatment methods to achieve flattering results.

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