How to Treat Under-Eye Bags

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Treating your under-eye bags can help you look younger and more refreshed. It can also give you a much smoother canvas to work with when applying your favorite makeup products. But in order to find the best solution for the bags under your eyes, you must first figure out their cause.

It turns out, under-eye bags can develop for all sorts of different reasons. Here are some of the top explanations behind the puffiness under your eyes, as well as the most appropriate fixes:

  • Skin laxity: An unfortunate aspect of getting older is that our skin loses its youthful strength and elasticity. Sagging skin is one of the leading culprits behind eye bags. Fortunately, it can often be improved with topical skincare products. For more dramatic results, pair your at-home routine with in-office SkinPen, fractional laser, and/or Genius RF microneedling treatments.
  • Fat herniation: Fat herniation occurs when the fat pads under the lower eyelids come forward from their proper position and create a visible bulge. Mild to moderate fat herniation can be camouflaged with fillers. For many patients, this is an excellent way to achieve a smoother contour from the under-eyes to the cheeks. However, individuals with moderate to severe fat herniation will usually need eyelid surgery for optimal results.
  • Swelling: If you occasionally wake up with bags under your eyes, you might be able to blame swelling. Under-eye swelling can occur due to water retention or allergies. Cold compresses can provide relief. Try applying something chilled, such as an ice pack or refrigerated spoons, over closed eyes for several minutes and see if your bags shrink.

Sometimes, home remedies and lifestyle changes can rejuvenate your under-eye area. However, if the bags under your eyes are persistent, you may want to get in-office treatments. They can address many leading causes of eye bags and potentially delay the need for surgery.

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