Can Fillers Ruin Your Face?

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Dermal fillers are essential tools used to combat facial aging. They are often combined with neuromodulators, energy-based devices, and skincare as part of comprehensive treatment plans. However, there is some truth to that old saying. You can have too much of a good thing.

Why Some Filler Results Look Unnatural

Dermal fillers can provide subtle enhancements that are hard to spot with an untrained eye. However, getting more units than you need will quickly create the opposite effect. Too much filler may cause an unnatural or swollen appearance. This result occurs with untrained injectors.

There are a few telltale signs that indicate the use of too much filler, including overly masculinized jawlines, disproportionate lips, poorly filled tear troughs, and so-called chipmunk cheeks. In some cases, it is possible to dissolve the excess filler. However, it is better to avoid the hassle in the first place by visiting a skilled provider. After all, the best injectors are familiar with the latest techniques and they know how to create results that align with your unique expectations.

Modern Techniques for Modern Goals

We have learned more about dermal fillers and how to best use them. Volume is out, and contour is in. In other words, the focus of most modern filler treatments is to restore lost volume and subtly enhance natural features. This is a break from simply inflating the face with fillers.

Not only does excessive filler create an overdone look, but it can also lead to a distorted unrecognizable face. Meanwhile, with more modest amounts of filler, this result is highly unlikely.

It is important to find a provider who understands this new approach to cosmetic injectables. In skilled hands, fillers can lead to dramatic results without surgery. Best of all, these results look natural and may have some added skin benefits. For example, many of them stimulate collagen.

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