Can BOTOX® Open Up Your Eyes?

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Woman looking at her eyebrows after getting BOTOXMany patients visit our clinic to make their eyes look bigger. They’re tired of raising their eyebrows in front of the mirror and wishing for more lid space. Or they struggle with issues like asymmetry and drooping that keep them from feeling their best. If you’re in a similar situation, a quick injection of BOTOX® Cosmetic could be just what you need to enhance your eyes.

How it Works

You have several muscles in your upper face. Those muscles cause your eyes to squint when you laugh and smile. Even when your face is at rest, your muscles might be tugging your eyebrows down or pulling your lower lash line up. BOTOX® Cosmetic, and comparable injectables like Dysport®, can help even the playing field.

These products temporarily block signals from nerves to muscles. The injected muscles can’t contract or have the same influence on your facial features. Targeting your upper face with BOTOX® injections will elevate your brows and give you the illusion of bigger eyes.

The BOTOX® Brow Lift 

BOTOX® is often used to relax the eyebrows. Referred to as the BOTOX® brow lift, this treatment raises the position of your eyebrows, which is usually enough to make hooded eyes look less heavy and tired. 

You can increase the lifting effect with additional injections. Treating the corners of the eyes, where crows’ feet form, will lessen the downward pull on your eyebrows. Meanwhile, injecting BOTOX® or Dysport beneath the eye can drop the lower eyelid slightly.  

BOTOX® can even be used to correct asymmetrical eyes. Let’s say your left eye looks more closed off than your right or has less visible eyelid space. In that case, you can achieve a great result from a treatment focused on the left side of your face. 

Learn More During a Consultation at Miami Skin & Vein

While all injections should be left to the professionals, it’s particularly important to seek out a qualified provider for BOTOX® eye treatments. Dr. Shaun Patel is a skilled injector who has helped many patients get bigger and brighter-looking eyes. 

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