Body Fillers To Smooth and Tighten Skin

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TheThe benefits of fillers for the face are well-known. But we’ll let you in on a secret. The same great injectables can be diluted and used on the body. If you want to address issues related to skin laxity and uneven texture, body fillers could be the perfect solution. Here’s how they work.

Usually, fillers are injected deep into the skin to add or restore volume. There are several different types, with biostimulatory formulas like Sculptra and Radiesse being among the most popular. These options work gradually by increasing the natural production of skin-plumping collagen within the treatment area. They are ideal for the face and body.

When used on the body, biostimulatory fillers are diluted or hyperdiluted (depending on the ratio) and injected superficially. Instead of adding volume, body fillers tighten and smooth the skin. This technique can address a wide range of cosmetic concerns from the neck down, including:

The arms, chest, and thighs are some of the most common treatment areas for body fillers. However, they can be used on the abdomen, legs, buttocks, and other parts of the body. Treating the neck and décolletage with fillers can even help with damage from sun exposure!

Combine Body Fillers with Genius RF Treatments

Body fillers can offer some pretty amazing results on their own. However, you may want to combine them with other non-surgical treatments to achieve the most dramatic improvement. Genius RF, for example, is a worthwhile add-on that pairs well with body filler appointments. This advanced microneedling treatment kicks collagen and elastin production into overdrive.

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