6 Eye Lift Treatments That Don’t Involve Surgery

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Before and after photos showing Dysport and Sculptra can raise the eyebrows and open up the eyesBefore and after photos showing Dysport and Sculptra can raise the eyebrows and open up the eyesSagging eyelids are a sign of growing older that receive less attention than wrinkles. Yet their impact on your appearance can be significant. Acquired ptosis — which often occurs when the muscles in your eyelid stretch and weaken over time — creates a tired and aged appearance. 

It used to be that you had to undergo invasive eyelid surgery to correct this common concern. However, there are now many non-surgical treatments to lift sagging skin and open your eyes. Here are six services that you should consider if you want to look younger and more well-rested:

  1. UPNEEQ®: Imagine if lifting your eyelids was as simple as applying eye drops. Well, now it is! Upneeq is the first prescription eye drop to temporarily improve low-lying eyelids in adults. It quickly opens your eyes to create a more approachable appearance.

  2. Dermal fillers: There are a few ways to mimic an eyelid lift with fillers. These injectables are great for adding volume in strategic places around the eyes. It is possible to target the fat pad beneath the brows, the temples, or even take things down to the lower lids.

  3. Woman with youthful-looking eyesBOTOX® Cosmetic: Neuromodulators like BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport® can improve the appearance of your upper eyelids by elevating the position of your eyebrows. These injectables help relax the muscles that pull your upper face down.

  4. PRP: Platelet-rich plasma is another cosmetic injection that might give your eyes a more youthful look. It is a substance rich in growth factors and proteins that comes from your own blood. PRP can also be applied topically to enhance the outcome of microneedling.

  5. Radiofrequency treatments: Radiofrequency energy (RF) gently heats the skin to stimulate new collagen and provide a visible tightening effect. Popular devices like Lutronic Genius™ enhance these results by pairing RF technology with microneedling.

  6. Laser skin resurfacing: Laser energy can stimulate a powerful healing process in your skin. Laser treatments will remove tired old skin and encourage healthy new growth. 

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