4 Ways That Stress Can Change Your Appearance

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Stress is a normal feeling that everyone experiences. While you can’t avoid it, you should try your best to keep it from becoming a chronic problem. If you don’t, it might actually show up on your face. In light of Stress Awareness Month, here are four different ways that stress can change your appearance. But don’t worry: our non-surgical treatments will help you take control.

1. Acne

Stress can trigger a chain reaction in your body that’s thought to cause acne. It goes something like this: Stress increases cortisol levels and cortisol throws off the other hormones in your body. That’s believed to ramp up the total amount of oil produced by your sebaceous glands. Too much oil can clog your pores (along with dead skin and bacteria) and result in acne breakouts.

Unfortunately, your complexion concerns might not end when your pimples finally clear up. It’s common for acne scars to take their place. We offer many effective acne scar treatment options.

2. Bags Under Your Eyes

Many people struggle with swelling or puffiness beneath their eyelids. Sometimes, these issues show up due to sleep difficulties, allergies, alcohol use, or indulging in salty foods.

Other times, under-eye bags are the result of sagging skin and a loss of skin elasticity. Research has shown that stress can increase these and other signs of visible aging.

3. Wrinkles

Have you ever caught yourself furrowing your brows or pursing your lips when you feel uneasy? Unfortunately, repeated facial expressions can contribute to the formation of lines and wrinkles.

Stress can also change the proteins in your skin. Those changes can reduce its elasticity.

4. Hair Loss

The hair growth cycle consists of several phases. These phases usually work in harmony. But stress can disrupt the natural timeline and force more hair follicles into the resting phase.

Our patients have seen great results from a combination of in-office PRP injections and at-home hair growth supplements. Learn more about the ProGen PRP and Nutrafol dream team.

Treat Yourself To Our Cosmetic Services

Investing in your appearance is an important form of self-care. Our effective skin and hair rejuvenation treatments can help you feel your best.

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