What Does BOTOX® Do To Your Face?

Patients come into our Miami clinic with all sorts of questions about BOTOX® Cosmetic. Most often, they want to know what happens to the

Patients come into our Miami clinic with all sorts of questions about BOTOX® Cosmetic. Most often, they want to know what happens to the face when we inject BOTOX®, and what effects it can have after years of use. If you’re curious about these things too, just keep reading.

How BOTOX® Cosmetic Works

smiling botox patients The active ingredient in BOTOX® Cosmetic works to block certain nerve signals in the treatment area. Your brain may send a signal to move the treated muscle, but BOTOX® will keep it relaxed.

Since the injected muscle can’t contract, overlying wrinkles will soften, and new wrinkles will have a hard time forming. BOTOX® stays close to the injection site, meaning the effect is localized. And because it does not block the nerves that give you feeling, you won’t have a numb sensation when you touch your face.

It can take several days for the skin-smoothing results to appear. Once BOTOX® starts working, it continues to offer aesthetic benefits for approximately three to four months before it dissipates. Maintenance injections allow you to enjoy your results for a longer period.

Long-Term Effects Of BOTOX® Cosmetic

Several things can happen when you use BOTOX® continuously for years. For example, your treated facial muscles may not make the same exaggerated, wrinkle-forming expressions as they did before.

Two factors are behind this effect. One, you will likely become more aware of your expressions as BOTOX® wears off, helping you to avoid excessive eyebrow-raising and frowning. Two, the muscles can weaken from lack of use, though they will regain strength if you take a break from treatment.

Other long-term side effects, such as a visible thinning of the skin, discoloration, or uneven texture, are not typical. These effects can be prevented with a proper skin regimen, a daily sunscreen habit, and thoughtful injection techniques. Actually, it’s Dr. Patel’s observation, based on having performed thousands of Botox treatments, that patients who maintain long term and regular Botox use have improved skin radience, less lines and wrinkles, and overall healthier looking skin in the long term which is independent of the muscle relaxing effect of Botox on dynamic lines and wrinkles.

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