The Best Anti Aging Skin Care Products

The Best Anti Aging Skin Care Products for Healthy, Beautiful Skin

The use of proper skin care products is very important for youthful, best anti aging skin care products 300x226 1 beautiful and healthy skin. “I believe the perfect anti-aging skin regimen includes skin care products that PROTECT your skin from photodamage caused by the sun and UV rays, PREVENT the signs of aging, and CORRECT damage that has already occurred,” says Dr. Shaun Patel.

So what skin care products should you use?

Well, you’re probably already familiar with sunscreen, so you’ve got protection covered. Actually sunscreen is extremely important to protecting your skin from the #1 cause of accelerated aging, the sun. But sunscreen is not all you need. You should also be using an antioxidant which prevents the signs of aging by neutralizing oxygen free radicals generated by pollution, UV rays and other environmental factors such as cigarette smoke. An antioxidant is vital! Certain antioxidants have also been shown to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, laxity, and hyperpigmentation.

Now that we’ve got the prevent and protect skin care products covered, it’s time to address the correction of damage that has already occurred. Retinol, the single skincare ingredient most widely studied and backed by science, has the power to correct common skin problems. Retinol helps to stimulate cell regeneration and build collagen which diminishes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots from both external and internal aging. Additionally, retinol helps to minimize the appearance of pores while correcting the blemishes and blotchiness often associated with aged skin.

Dr. Patel’s everyday regimen consists of an antioxidant followed by broad spectrum sunscreen in the morning and a retinol in the evening. He is a big fan of the SkinCeuticals line of medical grade skin care products. In fact, he uses SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic every morning.

If you have questions about the best skin care products for your specific skin type, please call 786-618-5039 or email us to request a complimentary skin analysis. A 20% savings is available in October for those purchasing a complete SkinCeuticals skin regimen. To learn more about our other monthly specials, please click here.




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