4 Things To Know Before Getting Tear Trough Filler

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Woman touching her face near eyes and cheeksTear trough filler has gained a lot of attention recently. The injectable treatment uses dermal fillers to add volume below the eyes. It smooths under-eye hollows and targets those deep, shadow-casting creases for an instantly revitalized look. If you’re thinking about booking an appointment and kicking your concealer to the curb, here are four things you should know first:  

  1. It works best for volume loss: If the area under your eyes has sunk in and created a deep crease, then you might be an ideal candidate for tear trough filler. It is best used to add or restore volume between your lower lids and upper cheeks. Swelling, on the other hand, is not usually treated with these injections. Neither is hyperpigmentation. If you shine a light directly on your face and still see discoloration under your eyes, then you likely have hyperpigmentation. 
  2. The results typically last for a year: While every patient is different, most can enjoy the results of their tear trough filler appointment for approximately one year before needing a touch-up. Filler tends to have good longevity under the eyes because that area isn’t as mobile as other parts of the face. That means the filler usually isn’t broken down as quickly. 
  3. It matters who performs your injections: Seeking out a skilled provider for any type of facial injections is a must. However, it becomes even more important when dealing with the delicate area under the eyes. Dr. Shaun Patel has provided safe and effective tear trough treatments in Miami for many years. He uses a gentle technique and a microcannula to significantly minimize side effects like bruising.
  4. Some fillers are better than others: Your favorite lip or chin filler may not be the right fit when it comes to treating your tear troughs. We have a blog dedicated to the pros and cons of using different fillers in this area. In short, Restylane® is the only option that we recommend. Dr. Patel believes it achieves the most significant and long-lasting results with fewer side effects.

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