Your Complete Guide to the Sculptra BBL

The Brazilian Butt Lift, or BBL, is an in-demand cosmetic procedure that uses fat transfer techniques to add fullness to a person’s buttocks. It is best known for achieving dramatic results. However, the surgery is invasive and relatively risky. On top of that, the candidacy requirements can be hard to meet with thinner patients not having enough fat in other parts of their body to augment their buttocks.

Fortunately, there is a non-surgical alternative. At Miami Skin & Vein, experienced injector Dr. Shaun Patel uses the cosmetic injectable Sculptra® Aesthetic to give patients the lifted, shapely derriere they desire.

What Is A Sculptra Butt Lift?

woman after sculptra bbl The Sculptra BBL is a minimally-invasive take on the classic butt enhancement procedure. Unlike a traditional BBL, this treatment doesn’t require incisions or significant downtime. Instead, it relies on superficial injections of a safe and long-lasting filler to define the gluteal region.

Sculptra is a popular injectable that works with your body to stimulate collagen production. Originally designed to restore facial volume, this filler has recently been used to enhance different areas of the body. When injected into the buttocks, Sculptra can also tighten and smooth the overlying skin.

The benefits you can expect to experience from your Sculptra BBL include:

  • Relatively quick in-office treatment sessions
  • No anesthesia required
  • No downtime or lengthy recovery period
  • Natural-looking results
  • A lower risk of side effects compared to surgical butt enhancement

Ideal Candidates for Buttock Dermal Fillers

The Sculptra butt lift is appropriate for most men and women who want a fuller backside. It is an excellent option for individuals who would prefer a minimally-invasive treatment over surgery. Additionally, it is great for thinner patients who don’t have the excess fat that a traditional BBL requires for transfer.

During your initial consultation with Dr. Patel, he will help you determine if this treatment is right for you. Expect to discuss the result you’d like to achieve and your relevant medical history.

Your Non-Surgical Butt Enhancement Treatment

Dr. Patel will begin by evaluating the treatment area and making temporary guide marks. Next, he will apply a topical numbing agent or add lidocaine to the Sculptra formula for your comfort. Using a microcannula, he will then place superficial injections of filler into the areas where you want to add volume.

During a session, Dr. Patel typically uses three to five vials of Sculptra for each side of the buttocks. You will likely need two to three sessions spaced one month apart.

Sculptra BBL Results

Sculptra works gradually. It can take between a few weeks to several months to notice a significant change. Your results will improve over time due to increased collagen stimulated by the injectable.

Your final outcome will last for roughly two years without maintenance sessions. Dr. Patel recommends that patients who want to increase the longevity of their results visit our practice once a year for follow-up injections.

Schedule Your Sculptra BBL Consultation in Miami

Dr. Patel is a leader in injectable treatments. The makers of Sculptra recognize him as a Platinum Level provider due to his world-class skill. Rest assured he has the experience needed to give you a safe and effective Sculptra butt lift.

If you’re interested in lifting and defining your buttocks without surgery, call 786-618-5039 to schedule a Sculptra BBL consultation today. Miami Skin & Vein serves Miami, Coral Gables, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and other neighboring Florida communities.




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