Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures For Men

Cosmetic Procedures For Men Are On The Rise

cosmetic procedures for men 1 The most apparent trend seen in cosmetic dermatology is that more men are choosing to consider their options for maintaining a youthful appearance. According to the ASAPS (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery), there has been a 273% increase in the number of procedures performed on men since they began collecting data in 1997. And just over the last five year period, the spending by males on cosmetic procedures rose by 43%.

Why Are More Men Choosing Cosmetic Procedures?

Just like women, men are faced with a competitive and often ageist market for jobs. A higher priority has been placed on looking good and feeling confident even in the workplace, and nonsurgical treatments serve as appearance boosters meeting that need. Men are also dating longer and marrying later in life. Staying attractive by being physically fit and maintaining youthfulness has become more important.

Popular Cosmetic Procedures for Men at Our Miami Clinic

“Interested particularly in minimal downtime, no bruising and keeping their treatments confidential, the men we see are overwhelmingly seeking noninvasive treatments such as Botox and fillers,” says Dr. Shaun Patel. These nonsurgical options, when done by a well trained and highly experience physician, yield noticeable yet natural results with minimal risk.

The top cosmetic treatments for our male patients are:

  • Botox injections for forehead wrinkles and frown lines. Men tend to have thicker skin and bulkier facial muscles resulting in particularly prominent deep lines and wrinkles. Some feel others think they are always upset because of exaggerated frown lines. Botox® Cosmetic offers a simple fix and refreshed, younger look within 3 to 7 days and lasting up to 4 months. Men usually required a higher dose of Botox then women because their muscles are bulkier.
  • Filler injections are ideal for the men who have lost volume in their face often due to exercise and eating healthy as well as normal aging. Without facial volume, the face can appear deflated causing the patient to look tired and without energy. Our most popular fillers for men are Juvederm, Voluma, and Radiesse. It important that the physician injector treating men understand the anatomical differences between men and women. For example, when injecting filler in a man, the physician should avoid overcorrecting the midface and injecting too laterally along the cheek bone because this can give a feminized appearance. Also, while lip injections are extremely popular in females, it is a no no in men because it can overly feminize them. Finally, men like a more defined chin and jawbone and this can be accomplished with filler injection. ​
  • Varicose vein treatments, often considered a medical rather than cosmetic treatment and therefore covered by insurance, take away not only the embarrassing look of bulging leg veins but also remove the pain and swelling that accompanies vein disease. While more commonly affecting women, approximately 40% of the male population above 40 has varicose veins.
  • Laser resurfacing for scarring such as that from acne or trauma is also common in men. Our Clear + Brilliant laser minimizes the scars and also delivers smoother textured and younger looking skin with minimal downtime or discomfort.
  • Custom skin care regimens are the norm for our guy patients who tend to produce more sebum and have oilier skin. Our skincare products, backed by science, help exfoliate and reduce oil production. We usually recommend a face wash, a toner with alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids and a quality SPF 50. Men can also benefit from an antioxidant and oil free moisturizer.

Dr. Patel’s Recommended Skin Care Products for Men

In today’s era of selfies, social media and cutthroat competition both at work and play, men are realizing the importance of looking young, fresh and energetic. So,when it comes to must have skincare products for men, I focus a lot on anti-aging products including a good antioxidant, sunscreen (which is always the most important anti-aging product!), retinoids and oil free moisturizers such as those containing hyaluronic acid. I like the SkinCeuticals line of products including Phloretin CF for antioxidant protection or Metacell Renewal B3 for its oil free moisture and calming niacinamide, and Age and Blemish for the 2% salicylic acid which is great to apply to the oily T-zone of the male face. For sunscreens, I usually recommend EltaMD UV Clear which goes on without any residue, residue being something that men hate.

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