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Cutera Excel V

Cutera Excel V - Safe and effective treatment for facial and leg veins & sun damage

Facial and leg veins are now a thing of the past with this safe and effective treatment for vascular and pigmented skin lesions.

Laser treatments at Miami Skin and Vein can help you say goodbye to leg and facial veins as well as rosacea

Vascular skin conditions such as telangiectasia, spider veins, and rosacea affect millions of Americans. The discoloration and visible, broken blood vessels that appear on the legs and face are not necessarily a health concern; but they can have a significant effect on your self-image. Many patients we meet confess to feeling embarrassed or self-conscious about their appearance, especially when visible veins are located on the face. We say stop hiding! Miami Skin and Vein offers an outstanding solution to vascular conditions, one that has less side effects than IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light, but innumerable benefits.

Introducing the Excel V

Cutera Excel V Coral Gables - Excel V
We are proud to employ technologies that focus on patient comfort and safety above all else. It is exciting to see that the Excel V does this without compromising the results. This system targets abnormal blood vessels with high-powered green laser light. When absorbed into these vessels, the light transfers to heat, causing the vessels to shrink and fade away. As the body eliminates these vessels, the skin becomes more evenly toned and healthy looking.

Benefits of Excel V include:

  • Safe, efficient treatment.

  • Adjustable settings allow us to customize treatment to your skin condition and expectations.

  • Suitable for numerous concerns, from superficial blemishes to moderate scarring.

  • Cooling technology creates a comfortable treatment process.

  • No downtime is needed to recover from treatment.

Excel V can treat a wide variety of skin concerns that affect the legs and face, including sun spots and unwanted veins.

What to expect

To determine if Excel V is an appropriate treatment for you, Dr. Patel or Dr. Nguyen will perform a thorough consultation to discuss your needs. Your skin will be evaluated, and options for treatment detailed so you can choose which best suits your preferences.

Excel V is a gentle procedure that does not require numbing cream or anesthetic. Most treatments are completed in about 30 minutes, and the skin is kept comfortable via the built-in cooling mechanism. As laser energy comes into contact with the skin, you may feel a slight sting. Following treatment, you should have no lingering sensations or discomfort.

Laser treatments can achieve excellent improvement to the look and tone of your skin. Depending on the extent of scarring or redness, a series of treatments may be recommended. However, you will notice brighter, more radiant skin after your very first treatment.

Don't wait to improve your skin. Contact Miami Skin and Vein at (786) 509-4055.
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