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Consequences of vein disease

Pain In Vein In Leg Coral Gables - Consequences of Vein disease

What are the consequences of vein disease?

Do you have spider (reticular) veins, or varicose veins that bulge and twist? Maybe you aren’t especially aware of abnormal veins, but you experience swollen legs or ankles, or leg cramps. You could be among the 40 million Americans who have symptoms of venous disease.

Without medical treatment, the disease may progress into CVI – chronic venous insufficiency. CVI is characterized by failure of the vein walls and valves to work properly. Instead of sending blood flow upward to the chest, faulty veins allow stasis – pooling of blood in leg veins. With this more serious form of vein disease, patients experience unpleasant changes in their skin, and may develop ulcers on the legs or ankles that resist healing. An estimated 40 percent off the United States population has CVI, and it is most frequent in the over-50 age group.

It is important to understand that vein disease is progressive. In most cases, it will not go away on its own, and symptoms, both aesthetic and physical, will worsen without treatment. Unfortunately, there is a common misperception that varicose veins are just a cosmetic issue. Only about two million of the more than 30 million Americans who suffer from this disease, receive proper care. The remainder try to ignore the physical discomfort and possible future health consequences of venous disease.

There is good news. Safe and effective vein treatment options are available. Because they know that no two patients or lifestyles are alike, Dr. Shaun Patel is committed to bringing the latest vein care techniques to patients in the Coral Gables/Miami area. These minimally-invasive procedures range from conservative treatment to injection therapy, radiofrequency ablation, laser therapy, medical adhesive, and small-incision surgery. Their methods have short recovery periods, letting you get back to everyday activities quickly. Treatment improves the appearance of your legs and relieves many of the physical symptoms associated with venous disease. Most insurance plans cover vein treatment.

Whether you are experiencing your first spider or varicose veins, or have suffered with them for years, don’t wait another day. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Patel to learn more about treatment options for your venous disease, to minimize risk of CVI in the future.
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