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Ambulatory phlebectomy

Varicose Vein Treatments Coral Gables - Ambulatory phlebectomy for treatment of varicose veins

Ambulatory phlebectomy for treatment of varicose veins.

This minimally-invasive procedure, also referred to a microphlebectomy or phlebectomy, addresses superficial varicose veins just beneath the skin. Ambulatory phlebectomy is appropriate for remediation of varicose veins that are not related to saphenous vein reflux, or those that remain after treatment for venous reflux. Diseased veins are permanently removed through very small incisions in the skin. The procedure is far safer than vein stripping, a common treatment for varicose veins in the past.

The doctors at Miami Skin & Vein emphasize how ambulatory phlebectomy differs from vein stripping procedures. Ambulatory phlebectomy is safe and effective. It causes little or no scarring, and both clinical and cosmetic results are impressive. Incisions required for the procedure are so small that only local anesthetic is needed to ensure the patient’s comfort.

Prior to the procedure, varicose veins are marked while the patient is standing, since problematic veins can be most easily identified in that position. The treatment area is numbed and tiny openings are made to allow the doctor to retract faulty veins and close them off, using specialized tools. The procedure takes one to two hours, depending on how many veins are addressed, and it is performed in an outpatient setting at Miami Skin & Vein. If there is an extended vein network, the doctor may schedule several treatment sessions.

Don’t worry about what happens to blood flow. The adult human body has nearly 100,000 miles of blood vessels. After ambulatory phlebectomy, the body naturally reroutes blood through remaining, healthy leg veins. The procedure is called “ambulatory” because patients are able to walk immediately after treatment, and can carry on normal daily activities. Our doctors recommend that patients wear graduated compression stockings following the procedure to speed healing for optimal results.

There is a great deal of material available with regard to treatment of varicose veins. Our doctors recognize and that so much information can be confusing. What’s important to know is that safe, effective, non- and minimally invasive treatment options for varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency are provided at Miami Skin & Vein.

To learn more about ambulatory phlebectomy, schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Shaun Patel.
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